I have pcos and some acne issues, I can't loose weight and I'm still a teen... I don't trust pills so what do I do?

Very hard without or. Weight loss is "simple" in that less in and more exercise= weight loss. If were that easy we all would be slim. Problem with pcos is hormaone imbalance which makes it harder to achieve goals without regulating hormones. Your obgyn should be able to give you safe, effective hormone control, which will help your other issues.
PCOS treatment. Weight loss is hard. Lots we don't understand about how body expends energy. So 2 similar people with same diet and same exercise may weigh differently. Still boils down to burning off more than taking in to lose. Do you see an endocrinologist? Have access to wellness center for weight management? Low glycemic index foods ( healthy plate meal plan) may help. Metformin relatively safe; talk to doc.