I have an upper respiratory infection how long am I contagious? Doctor gave me an antibotic and prednisone do I need both?

URI contagious. If you have a viral upper respiratory infection, two - three days. If you have a bacterial respiratory infection, which may follow the viral uri, generally this is not contagious. Bacterial infections generally follow the insult from the virus. Antibiotics will shorten the duration of a bacterial infection. Prednisone speeds up recovery quickest, but should be used with caution.

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I was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection, was prescribed benzentate 200mg (3x daily) & prednisone 20mg and 7 days later, I feel 100x worse?

See a doctor. Sometimes, an initial (viral) infection can set the stage for a worse, secondary infection. This second round could be caused by a bacteria, since you've already been weakened by the first round. Kind of like a tag-team of germs - so for that reason I think you need urgent evaluation. I would go to an Urgent care center or call your doctor now.