I have a bump like thing on the right side of my anus. And everytime I go #2 there is blood on it and blood from my anus. What do u think this is?

Hemorrhoid s. This sure sounds like a classic hemorrhoid. Here are the three s's to care for it: 1. Keep it clean and soft: soak it in a tub or use wet wipes. 2. Soften the stool so you put less pressure with bm. And 3. If needed get prescription for steroid to shrink it up.
Anal fissue/piles? Not sure how long you have this, how old are you, is there any pain along with defaecation, any h/o chronic constipation. Possibilities are1. Fissure in ano, with or withour sentinel piles where a fold of anal mucosa covering the fissrure, forming a skin tag2. External haemorroids. 3. Perianal abscess , especially common in people with crohn's dz 4. Ischiorectal abscess 5.Need to r/o anal, rectal tumor.