After a c section, after 17 hours labour and lots of antibiotics, I am getting vomiting attacks that are intense and lots of dry wretching with hot and cold feeling. Is it normal?

One more thing. I didn't mention in my other answer, but that is usually associated with pain in the right upper quadrant is gallstones, but all of my pts who had gallstones post partum also had a lot of pain or u could havce a kidney infection, but that is always assciated with flank pain in he back on one side or the other, your doc can easily do testing to r/o all causes.
If you are still in . The hospital , your neuse shoudl be notifying your OB doc as u amy ahve an endometritis or otehr infection, and you may have GI irritation or colitis from teh antibiotics, not as comon is septic pelvic thrombophebitis that can give those sxs, so your OB doc should be treating u now.