Are the white people immune to getting sickle cell disease?

No. The beta-globin gene mutation that causes sickle hemoglobin has a higher frequency in those of african descent (conferring resistance to malaria) but is also seen in mediterranean and some Asian populations--italians and greeks also have significant frequencies of beta-thalassemia.
Sickle cell and race. Sickle cell disease is more common in patients of african descent. Although rare, there are caucasians that can have sickle cell disease particularly if of mediterranean descent. It has nothing to do with immunity rather it is a hereditary (genetic) disease.

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Is it true that having sickle cell anemia makes you immune to aids?

No; immue to malaria. Good evening, developing the sickle shape of red blood cells is an evolutionary process, by which the space for malaria parasites to occupy inside is reduced and hence less susceptible to malaria. The evolution took place over hundreds of thousands of years of existing together in africa with malarial parasites. Sickle-cell anemia does not offer any protection from developing aids.

Can you please tell me why it'sthat only carriers of sickle cell anemia are immune to malaria?

Both carriers and. People with the disease are protected (not immune). People with trait historically were more likely to survive into adulthood to pass along the sickle cell gene. People with ss hemglobin, until recently, were not likely to survive into adulthood to have children.
Sickle Cell /Malaria. In a person who has sickle-cell trait – the red blood cells are destroyed prematurely before the Plamodium can reproduce. According to one study “Sickle cell trait provides 60% protection against overall mortality. Most of this protection occurs between 2-16 months of life, before the onset of clinical immunity in areas with intense transmission of malaria.”