I'm so scared about these headaches. I'm hoping it's just anxiety especially since my left cheek bone is tingling still. But not when I wake up? : (

See your doctor. If you're having headaches and are frightened about them, you need to see your primary care physician for an exam and possible diagnostic tests also. Anxiety, however, can also cause or intensify physical sensations. Your doctor can help you know what's most likely happening with you.
Headache can be. Common and can be serious. If it is so bothersome, see u md fir evaluation and treatment.
Eval and treat. No individual advice here. In general if concerns about headaches, at least first consult your doctor. Headaches are common, but can be due to neck strain from sleeping wrong, hypertension, food additives, migraines, many other things or more serious intracranial processes. Anxiety can cause headaches through muscle tension. Once the cause is found medical and psychological intervention help.