Chest pain for1 week-tightness in chest was periodic and now constant. Had echo stress-test, no blockage. Have lupus, now chills, no fever, now what?

Many causes. Could still have coronary artery disease depending on the pattern although not typical. You describe a now constant pain with a normal stress test in patient with lupus- would definitely consider pericarditis (not unusual in lupus). Also can consider noncardiac etiologies- musculoskeletal cauuses such as costochondritis, or GI causes such as esophagitis, gastritis, peptic ulcer, etc.

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How do I get over heart anxiety? Constant worry about heart. Normal ekg. Echo. Stress test. Chest xray and blood work good. Need reassurance. Nervous?!

See a psychiatrist. There are a number of different anxiety disorders. Please see a psychiatrist about the treatment, especially therapy, that would be right for you. Best wishes.
A delusion is. A belief that persists in spite of contrary evidence. We humans are very good at false perceptions, false interpretations, ; false conclusions. The most common error is to look only for confirming evidence. Look for evidence that could prove your belief is false. What other explanations are possible ; which are most likely? Talk to a mental health professional who treats anxiety.

I 've been having chest pains lately. Scheduled for an echo stress test. Blood pressure - 133/70 pulse 99. Is this ok?

Stress. Your blood pressure and pulse readings are a little elevated but still within normal limits. Clearly the chest pain or worry may be affecting both your blood pressure and your pulse. There are many causes of chest pain besides heart disease. The echocardiogram will make sure that your heart function is normal and that the valves of the heart are working normally as well.
Need that stress tes. Do the stress test then there will be an answer.
Symptoms concerning. I am glad you are scheduled for this test. Your blood pressure is okay. Your heart rate is a little high for resting, but not a problem for the test. If your chest pain gets worse or more frequent I say call 911 if it persists longer than a few minutes.
Test for heart. Your doctor likely wants to evaluate whether the pains are being caused by the blood vessels to your heart. The echo stress test provides a lot of information about the heart at relatively low risk.
Yes. Chest pain could be from blocked arteries. Stress test will help diagnose cause of chest pain. Dr.Jan.

Do I need to worry about sca/ha with a normal ekg, echo, stress test, chest xray and good blood work? Scared and worried! High anxiety! Please advise!

Normal test. With all those normal tests you should be anxious over something more likely to happen, like paying taxes or santa claus running out of feed for the reindeer. Eat a mediterranenan diet, get half hour a day or aerobic exercise, don't smoke and enjoy life..