Can I have sex with wife of patient died with hepatitis b virus? Her report was normal 2 time for HBV even 1 year after her husband's death.

Hepatitis B. Hepatitis b can be transmitted by close contact with a person who has the virus actively in their body. If testing showed no virus in your partner then you are safe from that disease. There is a vaccine available for preventing HBV in people at risk.
If she is not. Infected, you cannot be infected. If she is infected and you've been immunized, you cannot be infected.

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Can we have sex with a wife of a patient who died with hepatitis b virus. Pls note that her report is normal for hbv?

Yes. Yes. You can have sex with her but there is some risk she may have HBV (even with negative prior testing). I would recommend using protection and consider retesting her for hepatitis viruses.

How many times must one get vaccinated to become immune to hepatitis b virus?

The course is. Three doses over six months. As long as one develops the protective antibody (anti-hbs), one is immune. It is known that the antibody levels wane over time but it appears that immunity lasts longer than detectable antibody. But unclear if it is lifelong.

How many times must one get vaccinated in their lifetime to be successfully immune hepatitis b virus?

Usually Once. The hbv vaccine is a series of 3-4 shots over a 6 months time period. At least 90% of people will develop immunity following that series. A portion of remaining people will respond to a second series. There is a very small group who do not develop immunity from vaccination. Booster shots are no longer recommended for people with normal immune status who have been fully vaccinated.

My wife is HBV infected. Can a hepatitis b virus infected woman give birth to healthy child?

Yes. Those who acquired the germ before pregnancy can still pass it on to their newborn. However, infant vaccination at birth with simultaneous administration of Hepatitis B Immune Globulin can often prevent transfer of the germ during the birth process. Consult with your OB and the pediatrician involved so the material will be available at delivery.

Normal liver function, should need to treat? I was a hepatitis b virus carriers. What drugs can clear the hepatitis b virus.

Doubtful. Asymptomatic carriage of hep b is common, although some hepatologists would recommend biopsy to be certain that the status of the disease is proven. There are several antivirals (lamivudine, adefovir, tenofovir, telbivudine, and entecavir), and immune system modulators (interferon Alpha 2a, and peg if Alpha 2a) which can be used in therapy, but your hepatologist would explain these effectively.

Can a hepatitis b virus carier have unprotected sex if his partner has received the hepatitis b injection? The count for the virus is 500

Not responsible! No, since you're not certain that your partner completed the series of vaccination and responded to the Hepatitis B Vaccine with adequately protective titers of anti-hepatitis b antibodies. If you have detectable virus you can transmit it! Please be responsible ; respect the health of others.
Yes if... The partner has received 3 doses of vaccination and has developed adequate response to vaccination.