Non itchy red bumps under buttocks?

Biopsy. See a dermatologist for a possible biopsy. This does need to be evaluated.

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Itchy red bumps around thighs and buttocks?

Difficult to say. It's often difficult to diagnose skin issues without seeing them in person. I recommend seeing your doctor for diagnosis and any needed treatment. Read more...

I have non itchy red bumps all over my torso, in my armpits, etc. Sporadic, 19 total. Doesn't seem to be a bug bite, no pus, husband doesn't have any?

Pityriasis Rosea? Do you recall where the rash started? Pityriasis Rosea is characterized by a symmetrical rash that usually begins with a "herald patch." The herald patch is an oval, fawn-colored patch that precedes the generalized eruption. Google images for Pityriasis Rosea--see if that's what you look like. The cause is unknown, and requires no treatment. Should resolve in a few months. Not infectious. Read more...