Why go for a test for epilepsy? I refuse the meds., am very careful of the triggers, and don't drive.

Epilepsy Testing. If you are not going to terminate a pregnancy you may still wish to get the test so you know what to expect and how to treat yourself differently so that your future looks as good as possible. Same with Epilepsy - with testing you may find life changes which may make a difference or may find that a specific treatment may improve your life ALOT.
Good question. Your doctor is uncertain and would feel more assured if eeg and brain scanning were done. You can still avoid medications if you insist. Abnormal studies do not force you to be treated.

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Why go for a test in epilepsy? I refuse the meds. Am very careful of the triggers, and don't drive.

It depends. It depends on the test. An eeg would not make a difference in your case. If you have already been diagnosed and had a scan of the brain, then a scan would not be an issue. If you have new onset seizure (s), then a scan is typically done to exclude the small chance of a brain lesion such as a tumor or abnormal blood vessel.