I had a ultra sound test it say I had small varicocelce, doesn't said the grade and it had small hydrocele. ..I do feel pain but I don't want surgery.?

Your decision. Probably had a scrotal ultrasound to evaluate testicular or scrotal pain. Pain is unlikely due either to a small varicocele or hydrocele, both are usually painless. Large varicoceles, clearly visible when erect may cause a feeling of heaviness or dragging occasionally low grade pain. Hydroceles have to be large to cause feeling of discomfort from thigh rubbing against it. Avoid surgery for pain.
No surgery for you. I am assuming the us was done because of pain in the left scrotal area. Small varicoceles do not cause pain, nor small hydroceles. If the pain is severe, one could assume that the varicocele is acute. Therefore it would be prudent to have an ultrasound of the kidneys to make sure there is not a mass pressing on the spermatic vein, causing the varicocele and the pain.