I had bunion surgery nov 15/12 on my left foot and right ft bone shaved. Had rash was told it is petechial rash by walk-in clinic, help?

Read below. If you recently had bunion surgery, the rash may be reaction from one of the medications that you were placed on, or the bandage, or the anesthesia. You need to talk to your surgeon as he will know the answer and help you with this situation since he is more aware than anyone what medicines you are or were on. Good luck.
If the clinic made. A diagnosis, I assume the clinic offered a treatment. Having said that you informed us about your surgeries but did not specify where the rash was in relationship to the procedures. You should know, often when removing bandages one can find black and blue marks, a rash as you describe etc. Bandages should not be tight. You will be fine. If possible to send a pic could offer more help.
Many possibilities. You may have a reaction to medication or the anesthesia. You may have an allergy form the bandage or latex. Have it evaluated by your surgeon and get the appropriate treatment.