Pain in interphalangeal joint of big toe a few weeks but playing soccer last night the pain has increased significantly. Hurts to walk on it. Help?

Stop playing. Soccer and see a podiatrist for x-rays. It is possible it is something like a capsulitis or synovitis of the capsule that envelopes the toe joint. (think sprain). A fracture should also be ruled out. Inflammation of the extensor hallucis longus tendon is another concern. You need to stop playing until this is healed. The toe should likely be wrapped until you can see the doctor to prevent motion.
Turf toe. You may have a turf toe, where the great toe gets jammed and the ligaments are swollen that hold the joint together. This can be very painful, especially when you push off. Try to ice the toe and tape up the toe to lock it stable. If no relief, see your podiatrist for proper treatment.