How often must IVF be used for couples with unexplained infertility? Is IUI usually effective.

It is a choice? 6 cycles of IUI on injectable medications costs around the same as one cycle of ivf. One takes 6+ months and ivf takes 6 weeks. Here is the "rub". 6 cycles of IUI is not as successful as 1 cycle of ivf. So it is a choice. By doing iui, you "gamble" that it works in 2-3 attempts and save money; but if not, than ultimately it costs more because when IUI does not work, you have to go to ivf.
Depends. Patients with unexplained infertility who are 34 have about a 1 to 3% chance every month of conceiving after 18 months of trying. Clomid/iui increases that to 6-7% and fsh/iui to 12-15%. Ivf gets you 30-50% so some patients jump to ivf sooner than later. If i could predict who would succeed with each option then i would be god and would not have to work! good luck!
IUI often effective . Iui is often effective, especially when you are only 34 years old. Best of luck!