Is there an operation that can fix my diverticulosis?

Yes. Diverticulosis, the presence of little pockets in the wall of the colon does not usually require surgery. If these pockets, or diverticuli, cause symptoms, then surgery may be required. Lower abdominal pain with fevers can be caused by a burst pocket - this is what is called diverticulitits. Surgery for diverticulitis is needed for recurrent attacks or those that do not respond to antibiotics.
Resection. The surgery for diverticulosis of the colon is to remove said portion of the colon. This is not to be taken lightly. There are specific indications in regards to the number of infections and bleeding episodes before a resection would be indicated.
Yes. A low anterior colon resection either laparoscopic or open if done properly will eliminate the section of your colon at risk for recurrent diverticulitis. Talk with a colon and rectal surgeon.