What are the milestones for physical development for children 3-7 years?

See below. The answer is best discussed with your pediatrician or google "developmental milestones" for the age specifically you seek. Developmental tracking entails monitoring the progress of your child in areas of: language & other cognitive skills, social skills, physical challenges/changes, & personality. This age group covers preschool, kindergarten through 2nd grade-too much info for this forum.
As Dr. Sia said, . This is a long time-span & quality of motor movement is as important as attaining milestones interrelated to other developmental domains. Highlights are throwing a ball overhand ar 2, peddling a trike & dressing oneself at 3, using fasteners & "galloping" at 4, skipping, tying shoes, mature pencil grip at 5, riding a bike at 6. See aap.Org for the book "your child, birth-5" & other handouts.