I get frequent right thigh pain is it related to back ache?

Thigh pain. It can be. Also problems with your hip joint can give you thigh pain and back ache. Also problems present in the pelvis can give you back ache and thigh pain. Best to have a good history and examination done to arrive at diagnosis in order to advise treatment.

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Had appendix out 4 years ago, been experiencing sharp lower right abdo pain with back ache and thigh pain nothing is helping me shall I go to the er?

NO first see GP. Try to see your family doctor first , may or may not be related to your surgery , your doctor will examine order the required tests for diagnosis to treat you. Go to ER only if you are unable to reach your doctor. Read more...

Left lower abdmn mild pain since past 4-5 months. Back ache (left side) and pain in left thigh. Burning sensation in abdmn back and thigh. Pain when I poop. Also during orgasm.

LLQ discomfort. Causes of recurrent llq abdominal discomfort may be identified by first addressing accompanying signs/symptoms so as to localize the organ involved: vaginal discharge or bleeding, alteration in periods, pregnancy risk? Fever, nausea, vomiting, altered stool pattern, blood with stool, tenderness, distension? Painful urination, blood in urine? Recent trauma, herniations? Age? Gender? Risk factors? Read more...