My 2 month old daughter has a hamengioma above her upper lip. It's growing and swelling fast, what should we do?

Watch and Wait. Hemangiomas may grow and max out in size until 6-8 mos of age. Then they disappear with age, but may take several years. If it is a problem, see your doctor.

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My 2 month old daughter has a hemangioma above her upper lip. The doctors we have consulted our saying we shouldn't intervene but it's growing fast?

See below. The majority of hemangiomas resolve without treatment. They do get bigger during the first year of life, and then start to get smaller.
Scary but true. The typical hemangioma grows faster than baby for 10-12m, stabilizes & then begins to shrink. By age 4y, most have diminished to the size they had at birth with a parchment like skin quality of the skin. Intervention can lead to infection and scaring. Patience seems to be the best treatment for most cases.
Hard to disagree. It is hard to disagree with doctors who have seen the hemangioma up close in person. It is certainly possible that at a later stage in life, maybe when she is a teenager, it may be helpful to treat this, but not at the current time. It certainly is possible that your daughter's hemangioma may go away on its own. See: http://goo. Gl/vivep.
Consider treatment. I cannot agree with the other doctors here. This is a very noticeable area of the face, and draws a lot of attention. 60-75% will go away after 5-8 years, but that is a long time to put up with a potentially disfiguring lesion. I would go to a specialist, could be ent, plastic surgery, dermatology and at least hear about possible treatments such as propranolol, laser, surgery, etc.
Ask for dermatology. Referral if you notice that it is growing fast. Given the proximity to the lips, plastic surgery can also prove a helpful consult in this location.
Propranolol. This sounds likely to be a proliferating infantile hemangioma (ih). Although the traditional teaching is watchful waiting, oral Propranolol is now known to be a safe and very effective treatment for ih. The ih will stop growing on the first day of therapy in 100% of patients, and will shrink considerably over time. Please rapidly see a pediatric dermatologist experienced in the use of propranolol.

My 2 month old daughter has a hamengioma above her upper lip. Some doctors say its a capillary hamengioma while others say its cavarnous. What is the difference and how can we ascertain which one is it?

Small/large vessels. Infantile hemangiomas are benign vascular lesions that have a characteristic clinical course marked by early proliferation and followed by spontaneous involution by 9 years old. A capillary hemangioma is the most common type. It is made up of small capillaries that are normal in size and diameter, but high in number. A cavernous hemangioma is made up of larger blood vessels that are dilated.