I have a sinus infection is it normal to have chest soreness in the am and it's hard for me to breathe when I lay down?

Sinus Infection. The shortness of breath and the chest soreness often comes from coughing and drainage from the sinus infection. Make sure you treat the symptoms.
Sinus infection. Your sx are by no means typical for sinus infection. Please seek medical attention asap. Minor respiratory difficulty with lying down can simply be post nasal drip. But chest discomfort and arm pain would have me searching for another cause. You are young for cardiac etiology but not to young. Even the young can have high risk conditions.
See a Doctor. Difficulty breathing is always a serious issue. If symptoms don't improve rapidly, you probably need a pulse oximetry to see your o2 level, basic spiromety which most primary docs can do and possibly a chest x-ray. You may have more than just a sinus infection.