Is having small amounts of blood in my stool when I'm constipated a sign of colon cancer?

Maybe. Statistically speaking, the blood is more likely to be due to hemorrhoids than colon cancer but it is impossible to tell the difference without performing a colonoscopy. I recommend you see your primary care doctor for a referral to a gastroentrologist or colorectal surgeon.

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Been having thin/narrow stools. Clear rectal exam by gp/no blood in stool. Should I fear colon cancer? I'm 39 &had adenocarcinoma insitu of cervix 4yrago

Possible lesion. In situ adeno unrelated unless some for of radiation employed that could narrow distal bowel. Narrowing of stool suggests that there is some constriction of bowel causing a narrowing of the lumen and thus the stool. Blood does not have to be present but relying on a gp rectal not satisfactory. Sigmoidoscopy at a minimum and colonoscopy more accepted for this problem. Read more...

I have a slight pain near my tail bone. I have also recently had blood in stool but I do have hemmorroids. Is colon cancer likely?

No. Your tail bone area pain has nothing to do with colon cancer but with possible trauma or bone disease. If you have a family hx of colon cancer then get a colonoscopy otherwise treat your hemorrhoids and see if you continue to have fecal blood. Read more...