Is a fleet enema (sodium bisphosphate) just a stool softener?

No. An enema stimulates the rectum because of its volume. Softeners make the stool absorb more water thus making them softer. Sn enema may make the stool softer just by adding fluid to it.

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My son 18yrs old with bloody stools. He was schedule for a sigmoidoscopy., using fleet enema (sodium bisphosphate). He don't want to go through this. What's the alternative?

Bowel prep. Some centers will not even attempt a procedure like a sigmoidoscopy unless the patient is willing to follow the preparation protocol. That said, they may be willing to do so if the patient does a significant bowel prep using a bottle of magnesium citrate or similar agent. I would call the center and see. The exam is worthless unless the fecal material is removed and the colon can be seen. Read more...