I have dizzy spells, headache especially in the morning and pain in the left ear?

Need checkup. A simple answer may be sinus and mastoid disease. You need a thorough medical and ear evaluation. If these are not revealing, then consider a variant of migraine. Discuss tbese issues with you regular doctor.
Neurologist. It sounds like a neurological problem. You have to see neurologist.

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For the past couple months my husband has been having dizzy spells followed by a headache above his left eye that sometimes reaches the back of his head. It lasts from 5min to an hour. What could this be?

See your doctor. With these kinds of symptoms and their persistent nature, it's best if you see your doctor. He/she will listen to you, do an examination, possibly run some tests and let you know what's going on.
Could be serious. Potentially, these are migraines, but these usually don't start in adulthood, though rarely they can. Must consider other possibilities from seizure disorder to aneurysm, both of which could be serious. Less serious problems could be caused by neck or cranial bone dysfunction. A thorough history & phys incl. Osteopathic hands-on exam & other testing, if needed, could help find & fix the cause.
Anything. These symptoms could be a simple migraine but could also be something more serious. If these are new symptoms, they definitely need to be evaluated by a physician. If these have been ongoing for years, it is likely not as serious. This is a loaded question for any doctor even in an office setting, let alone online. To be blunt, the worse case scenario needs to be ruled out by a physician in person.

Dizzy spells when stood up, mild headaches/ fullness feeling, popping ears and generally congested. No cold or flu present. Had this for several months?

Dizzy. You are describing what may be an allergic condition causing congestion in the ear and nasal passages. This could be allergy to pollens, house dust, foods or other things in your environment. May try over the counter antihistamine orally e.g. Generic Claritin to see if it helps. If this is allergy then you will need to see your doctor or an allergist for help.

Dizzy spells/headaches on top of head moving/standing. Normal EKG, VISION, EARS, PEE. 4 days now.

Dizzy. Dizziness is a word that is often used to describe two different feelings. It is important to know exactly what you mean when you say "I feel dizzy, " because it can help you and your doctor narrow down the list of possible problems. Http://www. Webmd. Com/brain/tc/dizziness-lightheadedness-and-vertigo-topic-overview#1.
Dizzy with headache. Lasting 4 days. I suggest you scan the head and makes sure you don't have a problem. At least run this by a neurologist. The acute onset of a headache with dizziness can be symptoms of a cerebellar hemorrhage or other potentially life threatening condition.

Headache has gotten worse today taken nurofen as only strongest pain relief I able to get. Had headaches 2months and getting several dizzy spells and tingly feeling face/head neck pain at the top?

Visit your doctor. Sounds like migraine headaches. A license doctor can perscribe a more effective analgesic than nurofen.
ER/UC. You must be examined, treated and get a CT scan of your brain. Cannot be diagnosed online.
See your PCP. Any headache must be viewed as a valid medical disorder and the headache assessment must be comprehensive. See your PCP for headache evaluation, tests and treatment options.