Sphincter of ode after gall bladder surgery?

Please Clarify. The sphincter of oddi is a normal anatomic structure at the point where the bile duct enters the intestine (see duodenal papilla on pic above). Dysfunction of the sphincter, though very rare, can simulate gallbladder-type pain & is a possible explanation for ongoing pain despite gb removal. This can be diagnosed by endoscopic testing & treated by cutting the sphincter.

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Right upper quadrant pain post gall bladder surgery. Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction or adhesions? Conflicting physician opinion. Need specialty care.

Can be both. Sphincter of Odi dysfunction can cause gall bladder like pain. Drugs like Morphine Sulfate can cause spasm of the sphincter of Odi with similar pain. Adhesions can also cause similar pain, so both opinions may be correct. A more detailed history will likely help answer your question.

Can someone die after gall bladder surgery?

Yes, possible but... Highly unlikely, of course, but possible. I do not discuss the possibility of death when I'm doing my pre op discussion, it's that rare. Good luck.

What kind of pain meds they give you after gall bladder surgery?

Depends on. How bad your pain is. Sometimes, surgeon will need to give narcotic injections, such as morphine or dilaudid. If pain is not so severe, oral narcotics, such as vicodin, norco, (hydrocodone and acetaminophen) or codeine. I am sure your surgeon will prescribe enough pain meds to keep you comfortable after surgery.

Will I have problems digesting oils and fats after gall bladder surgery?

Not usually. Early after surgery there may be some fatty food intolerance, with abdominal cramping or diarrhea. Usually that resolves in a few weeks, if it happens at all. There is about a 1 in 400 chance of having persistent diarrhea after eating, which may not be specifically related to fatty foods.

What is one eat after gall bladder surgery?

Low fat. 10 gram low fat diet is recommended. Avoid excess dairy products, fried foods, and fast foods as they are higher in fat content. Fat is the stimulus to the gallbladder.