How safe is anal sex?

Reasonably safe, if. The man wears a condom-a must. Lubrication is used. Go slow. If pain occurs stop. Never be forced!
Anal sex. Is not an act i can condone. There are many risks including but not limited to infection, transmission of std's, injury and damage to the sphincter muscles, possible variable degrees of incontinence. The anus is an exit not an entrance is a good mantra to live by.

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How safe is anal sex with condoms?

Reasonable. Propperly protected, there is not a significant difference in std/hiv transmission risk w/anal intercourse w/condoms. Read more...
Anal Receptive Sex. carries a # of risks. Trauma can lead to rectal prolapse, anal fissure, tearing of tissues, ^ hemorrhoid sxs & Anodyspareunia (pain). Read more...