What causes muscle pain on the left side of neck and ear ache?

Infection. This is most likely inflammation of a lymph node as a result of an infection nearby, such as in the teeth sinuses or tonsils. It is not typical for true muscular neck pain to be associated with ear pain, but tonsillitis, simusitis or dental disease can. Please see an ENT for proper evaluation.

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How do you treat a ear ache? Ear pain in the inside and on side of neck.

Treatment. Treatment would depend on what the diagnosis is. Not all pain in the ear is caused by an ear problem. Sometimes the pain is referred to the ear along nerve pathways running through or near the ear. For instance, TMJ pain often refers pain to the ear, down the jawline, and even into the upper neck and temple areas. Throat inflammation (as in tonsillitis) often refers pain to the ear, etc. An earache can also be from external otitis ("swimmer's ear), otitis media (middle ear infection), or even from pressure changes in the middle ear space such as eustachian tube dysfunction. Unfortunately, to answer your question fairly, if you are the one with the complaint, would require a proper history and exam.

Can feel my lymph node on right side of neck. About the size of almond I have always been able to feel it. Something wrong? Throat soar weird ear ache

Enlarged lymph nodes. You most likely have a throat infection with referred pain to the ear & swollen glands or infection in both throat & ears, in either case you need to see your 1ry care physician. Feel better & good luck.

By day 2 of antibiotic a soft quarter sized lump showed up on my right side of neck. Day 5 I feel achy and slight runny nose, ear ache. Why?

Reactive node. This sounds like a lymph node that is reacting to a viral syndrome that is evolving. This is not uncommon. Use symptomatic treatments and finish your antibiotics but remember that viruses generally do not respond to antibiotics. The node may take several months to go down.

Can muscle spasm in the neck cause ear ache and ache at the back of head?

Sometimes. Perhaps. May be TMJ. Ear pain, or sounds of cracking in the ears: ringing/popping sounds in the ears (tinnitus) or a sense of fullness in the ears. See TMJ expert if this sounds like you.

Small lump on side of neck with what looks like a bite above it? Earache and throat ache

Neck bite? I would see a doctor quickly. I worry about tick bites, or perhaps a reaction to another type of insect bite. Feel better.