I am a breast cancer survival - do I need to do the tumour markers blood test -ca153, ca19.9, ca12.5, cea, afp?

Generally no. Standards of care in the us do not recommend routine tumor marker testing in cancer survivors (we usually do ca 27.29 for breast cancer). Markers are mostly useful to assess response to therapy in patients with advanced cancer. That said, many oncologists (myself included) will sometimes order routine markers in cancer survivors depending on the circumstances.
No. Although some medical oncologists follow tumor markers, there is no proof that aggressive followup for early stage breast cancer extends survival or improves quality of life.They may be useful if you have metastatic breast ca and are being treated with chemo, as a way of assessing response. Btw AFP is for primary liver cancer, ca 19-9 for GI malignancies, ca-125 ovarian ca - none of these forbreast.
Helpful. Tumor marker like 27.29 can be use in conjunction with physical exam and xray/mammogram to detect cancer recurrent.