Had an annual cbc, all normal except albumin a little high and globulin little low, co2 is a little high (again). Is that bad?

High CO2=alkaline . You may be a bit on the alkaline side. The co2 in your labs is actually bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate), (sodium bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate)) not carbon dioxide. High bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate) can be caused by being a little too alkaline. There are many causes of this. The high albumen/globulin ratio could be low iodine, which if severe can make you hypothyroid. Hypothyroidism can make you alkaline. You should consult with a metabolically experienced md.
Normal. In medicine we done "chase the numbers" except in a few cases like TSH levels. It is better to look at the symptoms. If you are doing fine without symptoms, then i wouldn't worry.