My bun creatinine ratio is 8 when it was supposed to between 10 24 how bad it is and what could be causing it and what can I do to incrase it thanks?

See below. The real values of BUN and creatinine are more important. Sounds like they are ok - otherwise you would have put those values in the question. If those two are ok, please do not worry.
BUN creatinine ratio. Your bun/creatinine is a relationship between your BUN (b) and creatinine (c). B is related to protein intake. If you have a low protein intake, you are apt to have a low b. If you are dehydrated (d), your b will rise. C is related to muscle mass and renal function. If you're d, you c will increase, not as much as your b. You did not give your b or c levels, speak to your physician about your labs.
Need to see actual . Values. High bun/cr ratio may be due to low creatinine which would be harmless. You may have low muscle mass and a normally low creatinine. Do not try to make any changes without discussion with your doctor.
See nephrologist. We rather know what's your creatinine clearance which is measured by your urine. You seem to have a serious kidney issues , which may have been caused by different reasons. See a nephrologist to help you soon.