I'm fine w/having a colonoscopy, but highly motivated to avoid any sedation. I am female. Is this a realistic goal?

Talk to your doc. Cscope can be uncomfortable-lots of loops, twists and turns in 5'-6' of bowel. Most pts and mds prefer a relaxed, comfortable patient: relaxes the bowel, makes for an easier procedure. Need not be "knocked out", just comfortable. Rare patient asks for cold sober procedure; most don't repeat it that way. Would have IV access anyway, in case you want or need meds or fluids.
Awake colonoscopy. It is possible but in my experience most people prefer at least minimal IV sedation as the procedure may be uncomfortable due to mostly the colonic distension from the insufflating gas used by the gastroenterologist. The IV sedation properly performed and monitored by qualified personnel in an accredited facility is very safe and the most important issue.