What treatment is available for night terrors?

Child will grow out. Unfortunately there is no particular treatment for night terrors, children usually grow out of it. It occurs in about six % of children between ages 3 to 12. Sleep hygiene, comfort of the child during the day should help. Parents of the child end suffering with sleep disturbance. Keep faith your child will grow out of it.
Sleep terrors. Night terrors usually occur in the 3rd phase of non-rem sleep. Treatment may include: 1. To sleep at a regular schedule. 2. Reassurance and additional comfort during the day time. 3. Psychotherapy or counseling can be helpful. 4. Brief use of a benzodiazepine can reduce night terrors.

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Is there such a thing as night terrors in adults? If so, is there a treatment?

It can happen. Sleep terrors are period of awakenings described by others as intense. Patients usually yell, scream, look frightened and are unable to be consoled. Almost all cases happen in young children. If you can recall these events they are less likely sleep terrors and probably something else. What that is requires a good assessment and maybe a sleep study if it is causing problems. Read more...
Sleep terrors more. Common in children but can affect adults. They usually do not require treatment except to provide comfort/reassurance during episode. If associated with underlying sleep/mental disorder then treat the underlying problem. If stress/anxiety contribute then relaxation therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy may help. Use of medication is rare. Establish a regular, relaxing routine before bedtime. Read more...