Hi doctor in 27 years old but im pregnant 27 week ihave UTI how many time used antibiotic but not relive not result pleas help me!?

Complicated. Your situation would depend on whether cultures with sensitivities have been, and whether this is a persistent infection or a persistent one. Many patients need antibiotic suppression after treatment, or have a more serious infection like a kidney infection. Urinary tract anamolies can also contribute to this. Ask your physician.
Resistant bugs? It is possible that you have an organism/bacteria that is resistant to the specific antibiotic you were given. A culture of the organism and test for sensitivity maybe needed to find which is good to take. Also, it is possible that bactrial or fungal vaginitis can cause similar and common UTI antibiotic will not work. Since u r pregnant, this needs to be treated asap, so consult doc. Good luck.