I'm having pain in my legs with constant cold feet what could this be?

Possibly circulatory. It is advisable to get it checked out by your podiatrist or family physician.
You need to be . Evaluated in person to determine if there is a vascular issue. A neuropathy would be in the differential diagnosis.

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What can cause cold feet and leg pain?

Circulation. Have your blood flow checked. Less common could be a side effect of an oral medication. Read more...
It can be many thing. If you are a smoker, diabetic, have high cholesterol you may want to talk to your doctor about getting your circulation checked. Sometimes other issues such as with the thyroid or nerve related issues from the spine (herniated discs, sciatica) can cause these to develop. If the leg pain is worse in bed (with cramps) or with prolonged walking, seek medical attention. Read more...