What is the type of doctor that helps with poor circulation in legs?

Several options. Vascular surgeons would be the most direct answer to your question. However, interventional cardiologists also perform procedures to correct this type of problem. Any of a number of doctors could also help diagnose such problems.

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Which type of doctor can help with poor circulation in legs?

Vascular Surgeon. A vascular surgeon is a specialist in the blood vessels of the body outside of the heart. They are trained to diagnose and treat disorders of the blood vessels with medication, surgery, and minimally invasive techniques (such as angioplasty and stenting) and are the only complete specialist in the vascular system. Visit www. Vascularweb. Org to find a vascular specialist near you.
Doctor. A vascular surgeon would be the appropriate Dr. To seek evaluation. At age 35 it is unlikely that she will have atherosclerotic disease.

Need doctor's help! Will multiple surgeries on 1 leg cause poor circulation?

Possibly. It depends on what type of surgeries. If the vein is harvested for bypass, for instance, the venous and lymphatics are impacted and swelling can ensue. If the arterial circulation is impacted, symptoms may be pain with walking or even difficulty healing wounds.

I have poor circulation in my legs. When I squeeze them with my hands get presperation on them. Should I go to the doctor? Should I be worried?

See your doctor. You get wet hands when you squeeze your legs with your hands. This is either perspiration, which is harmless, or edema which is serious. Usually though edema would be accompanied by leg swelling. It is not clear to me which of these conditions are present. Please consult your physician.
Could mean vein prob. I agree it could be harmless perspiration/moist skin. But a few words about circ. That could be serious. Arterial blood brings o2 from heart to entire body: insufficiency to leg can cause pain, esp with activity, dry skin, red/bluish/cold skin in legs/feet (no swelling). Veins bring bld back to heart; insufficiency causes pitting edema (swelling); could be clot in leg vein. See your primary care.