What kind of doctor treats chronic back pain?

Many doctors do. Great question: there are many doctors that are qualified to treat back pain. To start off, the family doctor and other gps treat back pain. When they need to enlist the help of a specialist they can refer to a physiatrist, neurosurgeon, orthopedic surgeon, or an osteopathic doctor for omt. Certain doctors perform injections that can help these include: radiologists, physiatrists, and anesthesia.

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What type of doctor do I need to see for chronic back pain, fatigue and weakness?

Rheumatologist. I would probably start with a rheumatologist but back pain is a complaint that is often handled by orthopedists, neurologists and pain management.

I recently lost my health care provider who prescribed talwin for chronic back pain for many years. I am now finding it impossible to find any doctor who will treat me. My back pain is so bad I've been to the emergency room twice this month. Over the yea

Hell.. Hell. Sorry, I can not help with the prescriptions. Because you have chronic severe back pain, I wanted to make you aware of another modality for treating pain. Medical acupuncture is being practised by a number of physicians in the United States and can be very beneficial with chronic and acute pain. Good luck with your situation.
Talwin (pentazocine) Talwin is a combination of pentazocine hydrochloride and Naloxone hydrochloride. It is used for moderate to severe pain. There are several similar medications used for pain. Please seek help from a pain management doctor, physiatrist, neurologist, spine surgeon. ..

I am having a chronic back pain & neck when sitting I use computer a lot. Right now I cant see a doc. Please tell me how to cop it?

Chronic back pain. Anti inflammatory medicine with physical therapy would be a good start, if not better need some diagnostic testings.

I've had chronic back pain for 4 years and not finding the cause with my doctors so far. What can I do now?

Back pain. Find a different doctor; there is usually a cause, although it might be hard to find treatment. Do not think surgery is the final option for all back pain...

I am looking for a doctor to help me with my chronic back pain in the northern nj area. I have MRI reports. Thank you?

Dont have a specific. Doctor to recommend. You can go to a pain specialist. Back pain is common. There are many specialized clinics. The better ones have a multi disciplinary group od doctors and chiropractors that work together. You might need physical therapy or a specialized facet injection or possible imaging.

Is it common for doctors to prescribe Suboxone for mild to sometimes very moderate chronic back pain. I'm not an opiate addict. Are they peddling it?

Suboxone. That depends on the doctors specialty, their level of comfort, and their experience with the medication.
Suboxone. That is a very aggressive approach.... Try anti-inflammatories first, ortramadol (ultram) or so... Not sure what the motivation was....

I have chronic back pain and have for about 4 years, also get back spasms I am going to physiotherapy but not2helpful. What else should I tell my doc?

Get imaging. You are too young to have chronic back pain that does not respond to pt. Get some images and your primary care should be able to direct you in the right direction.
If asking for self. You are too young to have these issues, may have other problems. You should have workup to see where this is coming from, including an MRI to find out what is going on. Ask them about spondylolysis and to look at your pars specifically. Try to avoid any muscle relaxers as you are already taking a significant muscle relaxer (clonazepam) and you are too young to be put on more meds long term.
Need exam. You should have workup to see where this is coming from, including an mri.

Hi I am an addict with chronic back pain. I really need something to control my back pain. My doctors refuse to even give me nsaids but I fear relapse?

Addiction, Back Pain. I feel empathy for your back pain. I admire you for your honesty about Addiction. See an Orthopedic Specialist for diagnosis, Physical therapy, and medication. At age 22, stressors of relationships, unresolved emotional conflicts, separation, work and finances can contribute to back pain See an Addiction Specialist for Medication dependence, Therapy, Yoga and Meditation Attend NA meeting.
Addict w/chronic pai. You know that saying about how some patients w/paranoia are followed, well, some addicts have chronic pain. I'm assuming that you're referring to opioid addiction. NSAIDs such as ibuprofen are not addictive but risky for stomach ulcer & kidney disease. Recommend going to see Pain Management specialist to discuss treatment options.

Cant find the right pain doctor in my new location im in sever chronic back pain I have pins, screws, and hindges in my back from had two major back surgys

The. The best thing would be to see if there is a doctor referral line at a local hospital. They can give you a referral. You can also do an internet search for "pain management doctor" if you think you need injections, or "neurosurgeon" in your area. You could also try calling your local er and asking the secretary for a recommdation of a doctor.
Tertiary care center. I am not sure what you mean by "the right" doctor. If you are near a tertiary care hospital, I am sure they have a pain mgmt center. There would be qualified doctors available there. If no tertiary care center is near you, I am sure your pcp or local hospital can refer you to a qualified pain physician. Now it maybe necessary to also consult with an orthopedic surgeon in conjunction.