How does a pediatric dentist differ from an adult dentist?

Pediatric dentist. A pediatric dentist does an additional 2 years residency training program focusing on treating children and often times special needs patients.
More training. After a 4-year dental school, pediatric dentists attend an accredited 3-year post-doc program where they focus on dental treatment for kids. Although general dentists are capable of diagnosing and treating kids, pediatric dentists generally have more experience managing and treating abnormalities in dental development and severe pathology / rare pathology that occur in young patients.
Pedodontist. The pediatric dental office is usually designed with children in mind... Toys, games, comic books, etc.... Lots of things to put a child at ease.
Training. A pediatric dentist is required to complete graduate study of at least 2 years, sometimes 3, after dental school. We are trained to deal with kids and their particular dental needs. Baby teeth and their treatment can be very different than dealing with adult permanent teeth. The offices are also particularly geared towards kids and helping them get used to the dentist.