What can I do to stop mouth breathing and breathe through my nose instead?

Correct nasal obstru. First you need to find out why you breath to your mouth.Usually mean some kind of nasal obstruction due to many causes, aomong then allergy, nasal polyps, deviated septum.When you correct the nasal obstruction you will breath normally throught your nose.
Mouth breathing. You might have enlarged nasal turbinates, deviated septum or sinus problems. See an ENT surgeon.
Mouth breathing. You might have sinus problems, deviated septum, or enlarged turbinates. See an ENT or omfs.

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I am mouth breathing and not able to breathe through my nose. It's not stuffy or anything. I get out of breath. What can cause this?

Mouth breather. hello~ well, your nose is blocked. This is caused by various issues in the nose that causes it to be blocked and usually due to allergy. You should stop using nasal decongestants if you do and see an ENT doc. thanks. Read more...

Post Nasal Drip and Bad Breath? Allergic Rhinitis, Colds, Cough viral and bacterial infections, Toothache, Mouth breathing

See your physician. There are many and various illnesses which could match your description. I can appreciate your concerned, but finding a proper diagnosis and treatment may be the answer to your worries. Rec.: see your physician for physical and referral to other specialties (e.g. dentist , ENT) if needed. Take good care. Read more...