What is knock kneed? What is bow legged?

Knock knees/bow legs. Genu valgum (knock knees) occurs when the apex of the knees points toward the midline. Genu varum (bow legs) occurs when the apex of the knees points away from the midline.
Knee position. Someone who is bow-legged has knees thy point away from each other. This can be due to an orthopaedic condition such as blount's disease or from arthritis. Knock knees are the opposite direction and point towards each other, this is the less common condition. See a board certified orthopaedic surgeon for evaluation and treatment.

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Need expert advice. What in is knock kneed and what is bow legged? Are they related?

Somewhat similar. Knock-kneed is when the knees are closer together, and the lower part of the leg may be angled away from the center line of the body. This may result in the knees "knocking" together (or rubbing together) when walking or running. Bow-legged is when the knees are farther apart from the midline, and the lower legs angle inward. It can also be caused by rickets or other deficiencies. Read more...