Are obese people more likely to get colon cancer?

Yes, & other cancers. The national cancer institute, on its website, lists several cancers whose risks are increased in an obese person. The cancers are: breast cancer in post-menopausal women (women after menopause), endometrial cancer (cancer of the uterus' lining), colon cancer, kidney cancer, and esophagus cancer (the tube that carries food from the mouth to the stomach).

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What leads to colon cancer besides obesity?

Diet and genetics. In most cases, it's not clear what causes colon cancer. Several things have been shown to increase 'risk' of colon cancer, including: older age (>50), african american heritage, family history of colon cancer, inherited colon cancer syndromes, low fiber and high fat diets, sedentary life style, diabetes, obesity, radiation to the abdomen for other cancers, and possibly smoking and alcohol abuse.

Can anyone tell me what causes colon cancer besides obesity?

Colon ca risk. Diet (fat, etc), alcohol/smoking (weak), ethnicity (aaf has highest risk), gender (man> woman), history of polyps, ibd, high risk genetic syndromes. Others, abdominal radiation, certain bacterial infection such as streptococcus bovis, etc.

45yr old female had 3b colon cancer. Now clear for 1 yr. She refuses to diet/exercise. Obese. Odds this will make cancer return?

Very low. Diet, EXERCIZE and general good health is a benefit! Not a hazard.
Not clear. There is data in breast cancer patients that post treatment exercise leads to less recurrences, but a bit less clear in colon cancer. There is data to suggest that post treatment exercise colon cancer patients liver longer though. And exercise is wise, in general, for overall health. Best of luck.

Are some people more likely to get colon cancer?

Yes. There are certain genetic abnormalities that make the development of colon cancer more likely.
Yes. Personal hx colon cancer or polyps or breast cancer, family history of colon/rectal cancer or polyps, inflammatory bowel disease and age over 50 are all factors that increase one's risk for development of colon cancer. If in doubt, check it out!

I had two tubular adnomas removed in '09 at 33, one hyperplastic and one tubular adenoma removed in '12. Am I likely to get colon cancer. No fam hstry?

Tubular adenomas. The fact that you have tubular adenomas at such an early age probably does slightly raise your lifetime risk of colon carcinoma. However, now that you know you can have careful followup and screening to make sure all adenomas are removed before they can develop into colon cancer.

Does having stomach cancer make me more likely to get colon cancer?

Possibly. A cancer anywhere in the GI tract indicates a susceptibility of the cells to undergo malignant degeneration due to exposure to toxins in the diet.
Fortunately not! Stomach cancer is not linked to a higher chance of colon cancer.

Why do people become upset when I say if I get colon cancer im most likely going to refuse treatment?

Curable cancers. If yopu have to get cancer, this is the top 3 cancers you want to have: 1. Testicular 2. Colon 3. Breast they are very treatable and with good cure rates. #1 if for the guys, #3 for the girls, #2 for everyone. This way everybody is happy.
Unwise. If you ever get colon cancer in an early stage and refuse treatment, you would be choosing to die of a curable illness. It is certainly your choice but probably not a wise decision.