Will I ever grow out of nocturnal epilepsy?

Sleeprelat. epilepsy. Nocturnal epilepsy can be outgrown in some patients but most requires lifelong treatment. If, however, it is not a childhood form of epilepsy or one that was causes by a specific brain lesion, some are outgrown. There are some patients that have only due to sleep apnea causing low oxygen. Treating apnea makes the epilepsy to remit. Hope this helps.
Outgrowing epilepsy. We now are aware of many genetic epilepsy syndromes which usually are associated with lifelong tendency to have epilepsy, a few have only night time seizures. Genetic or not, many people will have a very long or complete remission in their epilepsy. Key: insist on a treatment on which you feel good and have no seizures that is adequately affordable w/few risks then live well!
It is possible. Epilepsy is a condition that can be out grown. A reasonable percentage of patients will eventually be "cured" of their epilepsy. There is no guarantee. Good control is the first approach. If no seizures for more than 2 years, trial off medication is justified. If no seizures on no medication for reasonable time, then consider it out grown.