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What happens to your muscles during REM sleep?

They are paralyzed. During rem sleep, all the voluntary muscles, with the exception of the diagphragm, eye muscles and middle ear muscles, are inhibited to the point of paralysis. A teleological explanation could be that this happens so that we will not act out our dreams. Rem behavior disorder occurs when this inhibition fails and dreams then are acted out, often causing injury to the dreamer or bedmate.

If your best sleep is during REM sleep which also happens to be when you dream... Begonia it when I have dreams those are my worst sleeps?

REM sleep is. Dream sleep and psychologically healthy and non-REM is when the physical body heals. We need both. A psychologist or sleep expert can help you influence the content of your dreams and help you process emotional material so that your dreams are not so negative. Peace and good health.

I wake up during REM sleep how would I feel?

Dreaming. Waking up during rem-sleep is associated with remembering the dream.
REM sleep. Usually if you wake up in rem sleep, you will be paralyzed unless you have rem sleep behavior disorder, blink your eyes and you will snap out of it.

Do I dream during REM sleep?

Yes. Absolutely dreaming is a major part of REM along with flaccid muscles (no activity). Muscles that are still active in REM are the diaphragm and your eye muscles.
Yes. Rem (rapid eye movement) sleep is that level of sleep when we dream. It usually occurs late in the sleep cycle after a period of deeper sleep and may occur just before awakening.

Is it possible to have a narcolepsy diagnosis in a patient who never had REM sleep during an mslt's naps?

Maybe. The international classification of sleep disorders has specific criteria which must be met to diagnose someone with narcolepsy. As part of these criteria, you need to have 2 or more episodes of sleep onset-rems during the mslt. However, if the spinal fluid level of hypocretin is low, you can also make the diagnosis. But, you can have excessive daytime sleepiness that is not narcolepsy.
Yes. Other reasons may occur for no rem. If person with cataplexy they do not need this test for absolute diagnosis. If patient on medications that suppress rem that could be another cause.

I had a sleep study and am waiting for the results, but the tech saw a lot of time in REM sleep. I dream a lot even during naps. Any significance?

Sleep disorder. Do not know why sleep study was ordered, but if you have rapid onset of REM sleep and dreaming, this might indicate narcolepsy. Do you suffer daytime somnolence, and inability to resist napping during the day??

What could cause erratic HR during sleep study? Fast, w/spikes over 190. Study found poor deep/REM sleep due to moderate OSA. AHI 21; hypopneas only.

Possibilities... Sleep apnea can cause low oxygen levels which could then lead to this fast heart rate. If that is the case, treating the sleep apnea should solve the problem. If there weren't any low oxygen levels, then you may need more testing and you may benefit from seeing a heart specialist. Good luck!
Related? May or may not be related. Treat OSA. Also consider cardiology evaluation first.

I wake up during REM sleep typically. Is this why I'm sleepy all day even on 9 or 10 hrs sleep?

Possibly. Rem sleep is an important part of your sleep cycle. If you were in my office, I would ask you how you know you are waking during REM sleep. Usually, people get about 2 hours of REM sleep per night, in 3-4 different episodes. If you are having numerous awakening through the night, even if it isn't during REM sleep, that would explain your fatigue. Seek care with your physician if it persists.
Sleep test. All of your symptoms may indicated sleep problems that can be life shortening or life threatening. The only way to know if there are serious problems is with an overnight sleep test. I encourage you to seek help.