How long does it take to recover after wisdom teeth extraction?

Varies. Every patient responds and recovers differently from any surgical procedure. Recovery may be dependent upon the degree of difficulty of your surgery, your health and your perception and tolerance to pain. One patient may have four impacted wisdom teeth removed and have no down time while another patient can have an erupted tooth removed and require several days of recovery.
Varies. 2-3 days. Every patient is different and every tooth is different. Usually upper teeth are easier to extract and therefore recover faster. Make sure you follow your post op instructions and take meds if prescribed. If pain persists after 2-3 days, inform your dentist.
Depends. No set time period. However, if pain is present go back to the dentist at once. If you feel you are not healing well or fast enough then go back. Why do you ask this question? Is there some reason you cannot go back?