How often do have seizures to have nocturnal epilepsy?

Seizures are abnorma. Nocturnal seizures are seizures that occur during sleep. These may be benign, as in benign rolandic epilepsy of children. They may be seizures that occur during the day as well as at night (not uncommon). They may also be seizures (such as frontal lobe seizures) occurring only during sleep with resultant abnormal behavior in sleep. A seizure is never normal and should be evaluated by a neurologist.
Too often. Epilepsy is a clinical condition which is associated with the risk for recurrent seizures. If there has been only a single seizure, it is not epilepsy. Recurrent seizures would indicate an epilepsy. If the seizures tend to only occur during sleep, they are considered nocturnal epilepsy. It is still a serious condition, but may be easier to live with since day time function is intact.

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History of sezuires rare form of nocturnal epilepsy. Havnt had one for 13 years until the other day. Could this be the same types of sezuires again?

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