Is it possible to get a lingual frenectomy during wisdom teeth extraction?

Yes. Most if not all oral surgeons have the skill to perform a lingual frenectomy during wisdom tooth extraction. Talk to your surgeon about the procedure to see if it's right for you to do with the extractions.
Return to your Dr. Please follow up with your physician or dentist. It is tough to diagnose your problem over the internet.
Yes. This would be a great time to get both of these surgeries accomplished. You will have anesthesia, and only be in discomfort one time. Most oral surgeons would recommend this surgery plan.
Yes. If a frenectomy is what you need, that procedure can be done at the same time if your dentist & you agreed to it.
Multiple procedures. It may not be strongly recommended to have do much done in one surgery, but if are going to be put asleep or sedated for your wisdoms, i think it is up to you and your surgeon. Who's suggestion was it to have both done? If your apprehensive, talk to your surgeon about this before your appointment.
No. Mouth rinses that are formulated for commercial use are fine to use. Also scrub & rinse your appliance every day.
3-6 months. It is important to have your implant fully integrate into your bone before placing the final restoration & loading the implant for function. This can take between 3-6 months.
A few hours. Please take your time chewing and eating until the numbness wears off. It is important to note that you may bite your cheek or tongue while chewing while numb.
Cannot guess. It may take up to one year if you have a large gap, and less time if you have a narrow gap. Please speak with your dentist and get a professional opinion with a clinical exam.
2-3 weeks. The aligners are delivered very soon after the clincheck is approved. In our office it takes 2-3 weeks.
Yes. You should not allow your infant to sleep with milk after teeth start erupting. Not only can it damage their primary teeth, but this situation may result in a lifetime of dental problems. Placing only water in the bottle for sleep time is a great alternative or gently rocking the baby to sleep with no bottle may work also.