Are there any alternate good alternative treatments for periodic limb movement?

Usually need no rx. Periodic limb movements are usually harmless and need no treatment. Lots of people have them. Rarely, they may cause insomnia or excessive sleepiness and may need treatment. Medicines like ropinirole or Pramipexole might help. If they do not, there are other medicines that might help.
Yes. I would start with a good organic whole food supplement that supplies all of the necessary nutrients missing; then i would try some extra magnesium supplementation. If this fails after a couple of weeks then seeking neurologic evaluation would be a good idea. There are some medications that can cause this problem your physician can help you sort through these.

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What are some alternative health cures/treatment for periodic limb movement disorder?

Not aware of any. Periodic limb movements in sleep are perhaps similar to restless leg sydrome, but represent sudden nocturnal jerking while asleep. No otc preps seem useful, but drugs such as clonazepam, ropinorole, pramipexole, and even l-dopa may control this. Read more...