Numbness in fingers after ulnar neuropathy surgery?

It is possible. Altered sensation is an inherent risk of any surgery. Have it evaluated by your physician and get the appropriate treatment.
?expected? I expect the indication for the surgery was already having numbness. Seek the consultation of a neurologist to clarify the symptoms and cause.

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Can ADHD meds cause nerve damage? Ie numbness in fingers and joints, neck/shoulder tenseness, crippling sciatic nerve pain. Are these all related?

No. Stimulants can . Constrict blood vesselsraise blood pressure (usually by 5-6 mm hg) & ? pulse (usually by 5-6 beats/minute), but they don't cause impingement of nerve roots with numbness, tingling & pain in the areas served by specific nerves. See your primary care to initiate evaluation for the cause of your symptoms. Read more...