What kind of doctor removes bunions?

Foot surgeon. Podiatric surgeon or an orthopedic surgeon with a foot and ankle fellowship would be the best trained. Talk to your primary care doctor for their recommendation. You need to feel comfortable with the surgeon you choose. A second opinion is never a wrong idea. Visit acfas.Org to find a podiatric surgeon if you don't have a recommendation. Dr l.
Several. Podiatrists, orthopedist and the occasional general surgeon will do bunion surgery. Being a podiatrist myself, i feel we have the best training in the latest techniques in bunion surgery. Just my opinion...
A podiatrist! Podiatrists are specialists of the foot and ankle. We do surgery (bunions, hammertoes, ankle fractures, etc.), wound care for diabetics or trauma patients, treat athlete's foot and toenails fungus, ingrown toenails, tendinitis, sports injuries, birth defects or deformities, bracing and orthotics--just about anything affecting the foot or ankle.
Treatment. The surgical and nonsurgical management of a bunion can be managed by a foot and ankle surgeon, including an orthopaedic surgeon.