What is the procedure for removing a heel spur?

If indeed. The spur is being removed an incision is made with dissection carried down to the bone and it is shaven away. Most of the time, heel spurs do not have to be removed. Conservative care is often successful and when not often just the plantar fascia is released. Some docs do remove spurs and so the spur is shaven away with an instrument.
Plantar fasciitis? If there is pain on the bottom of the heel which is worse early in the morning and after sitting for long periods then the problem is inflammation of the plantar fascia or plantar fasciitis. The good news is that about 85% of patients realize adequate relief with conservative treatments. Eswt is also available. As a last resort the surgery for this involves lengthening the fascia.
None. Heel spurs typically do not cause pain. Therefore, the procedure should not be done unless you have had the opinion of an orthopedic surgeon trained in foot and ankle.