If I remove a bunion, will another one just grow in its place?

Removal a bunion. Means having surgical correction of the deformity. A proper surgery and procedure should correct the bunion and the chances of regrowth should be very small. One must follow proper post operative instruction for good outcome.
Bunions. Bunions do not return once they have been corrected by a foot surgeon; it is recommended that custom made orthotics are created post op so that the biomechanics that created the deformity is addressed.
Permanent bunionecto. If the bone is just shaved then yes it will return. If the first metatarsal is repositioned correctly as a part of the surgery then it should not return.
Possible. Bunions are structural deformities that are secondary to genetics and foot function. The deformity can gradually regress is you do not improve foot mechanics. Good shoes and supports are extremely important. Dr l.
Recurrence. The recurrence rate for a bunion is about 10% when treated with surgery.
Depends. You wouldn't want to screw up all that work, pain of surgery and recovery by doing the same aggravating things. Bunions are often genetic, but pinched toe, high heeled shoes that increase pressure on the forefoot increase the stresses on the joint and add to the deformity. Just cause you got it fixed doesn't mean that you can still wear stilettos.