I have developed morton's neuroma after a foot injury from kick boxing in november. How long will this take to go away?

May not. If you have a true morton's neuroma and have had symptoms for greater than 6 months, then conservative care may not resolve your problem. Neuromas are scaring and inflammation to the nerve sheath and the nerve itself. If the nerve is damaged, then it will usually not return to normal. Many times surgical excision is necessary. Discuss with your foot doctor. Dr l.
Depends . How are you treating it? I find "alcohol injections" to be highly effective.
It won't. Morton's neuroma is an enlargement of the nerve in between the metatarsals of the foot. With repetetive trauma such as kick boxing and pivoting on your foot, the pain will not go away by itself as the nerve is constantly being trapped or pinched. See your podiatrist for a quicker resolution to get you back to your sport without pain.