How long is the recovery for an ankle replacement?

6-12 months. Studies have shown with the most recent generation of ankle replacements that the majority of improvement takes place in the first 6 months or so with the improvement tapering off and usually complete by 12 months. Of course this is statistical and specific patients can have a more prolonged course before maximum improvement.
Months. Recovery from ankle replacement takes many months. You will be able to bear weight relatively soon after the surgery. However, it will take many months to regain full range of motion and normalize your walking pattern. For more information please visit www. Orthodoc. Aaos. Org/footankle.
1 year. Typically it takes one year to recover from an ankle replacement. This does not mean you will be tied up for one year, however, you should expect this amount of time to fully recover.
Up to 12 months. Ankle replacement surgery is a big surgery. Most of the gains occur in the first 6 months after surgery, but you will continue to improve for a full year. At the one year mark, you are as good as you will be.
6 months. Full recovery can take up to six months. Most surgeons will limit weight bearing for a period of time. I start pt at 6 weeks post op.

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Which has a longer recovery time: ankle replacement surgery or ankle fusion?

Fusion. A fusion requires bone to heal to bone and be correctly aligned and stable. This wil take several months. An implant does not require bones to heal together as the joint is being artificially replaced. This does not require nearly as much time to heal.
Depends. Most total ankle replacements require a shorter period of being non weight bearing than ankle fusions. The decision for which of these treatment options is best should not be based on the recovery time but rather factors such as age, size, functional demands, etc.
Dr. L is correct! You should talk this over extensively with your orthopedic foot and ankle surgeon. Ankle fusion remains the more common surgery at this point. However, total ankle replacement is becoming more popular. Please visit www. Orthodoc. Aaos. Org/foot ankle.
Read on. Ankle fusions take 8-14 weeks average till the bones to unite non weight bearing. Pt is started and there may or may not be the need for a special shoe modifications. Ankle replacements require 2-8 weeks non weight bearing and many rely on bone ingrowth into the prosthesis which can cause aching unto 6 months. Though you are walking on it earlier than a fusion it can improve upto 6-12 months.